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I am so grateful for Yvonne's kindness, insight and advice. Immediately, she knew things about me that I never told anyone. She knew things about me that I didn't even want to admit to. She knew me better than I knew myself.

After endless hours of soul searching and praying, I couldn't understand why my life was not what I had hoped for or wanted. I was sad. Broken hearted. This is when I contacted Yvonne. She told me "WHY" my life wasn't working out the way I hoped for; most importantly, she gave me the tools "HOW" to fix it.

With all sincerity, that day changed my life for the better. I am looking forward to today and what my future has in store. I am forever grateful. Yvonne is a kind, gifted soul. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, Yvonne.


Yvonne is not only a Psychic but a truly wonderful person. At times this is needed more than a glimpse into the future.

When my head is too fuzzy to see straight and help is needed to reclaim the calm, her neutral addition to any problem makes it a wonderful counseling session.

Whether you believe in Psychic powers or not, it is difficult to deny her gift when "the situation that was discussed appears" and the realisation brings together truth and goosebumps all at once.

I will continue to call on her guidance.

Theresa Cole

Thank you SO much for your light,Yvonne. You were so accurate with everything, as for some reason, I knew you would. You have shed a new light for me in which I intend to follow with the intent of pure Love and understanding.

Danielle Nunyabizzbatts-Jackson

I would like to thank Yvonne for an almost 100% accurate reading...She has a lovely approach, responds very promptly and I would say intuitively - has a genuine interest in passing on messages for you with great intentions.

I would most definitely recommend her if you are having any doubts.

Thank you  xx

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading.... everything you said was spot on!!! Amazing!!

Love and Light to you

Rosa Fava

Yvonne has done a few readings for me, and she is so accurate, it's almost scary! Be sure to take notes, so you can look back at them, if you need to. She saw my partner limping and told her to be careful because she saw a possible leg injury. Weeks later my partner opened a commercial oven that was stuck and pulled it with all her force and took a huge blow to the knee. While we were in emergency room waiting to be x-rayed, it then dawned on me that this was the injury Yvonne was referring to! This is only one example of many!! Highly recommended!

Heidi Parkermann

Amazing reading. Can't believe you picked up on so many things that (recently) happened. You were spot-on with describing the people involved, including me. I really appreciate your advice, it helps me a lot. Thanks also for sharing so much wisdom and for your kind words. Definitely not my last reading with you!

Sabrina Bauer

I have known Yvonne for a number of years now - she has become a good friend, reader and advisor.

Her readings are accurate, compassionate and encouraging. She has the ability to share with you what you need to hear and advise you with empathy and plenty of encouragement.

A very talented Psychic with a wonderful sense of humour and most important friend.