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My name is Yvonne and I am an accurate psychic who is guided by the spirit world. I have a light hearted uplifting energy and I'm committed to helping everyone in a positive way. I was born into a psychic family hence I am a true born, gifted psychic and have been reading from an early age. With more than 20 years experience, I am a highly skilled clairvoyant specialising in all aspects of life, helping people make changes in their lives and achieve their dreams by assisting with personal development, business success and spiritual growth. My psychic gifts, light heart, uplifting energy and commitment, are a powerful voice of wisdom and support for my clients and I am widely recognised for my gift of precise intuition, insight and clarity.

A genuine psychic/clairvoyant doesn't need to be in the same room, town or country as you and I do not need to see your body language, facial expressions etc ... I connect to the essence of you! YOU are important to me. You are an individual and special person so I can work with you in person, telephone, Skype and email. I personally take your call and all calls are confidential and amazingly accurate. My passion is to provide a caring service, to help, guide and empower you to love your dreams and live your perfect life. I support and motivate all individuals, writers, artists, actors, musicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate managers and executives to achieve their goals and dreams. I guarantee accuracy dedication and quality and whatever comes up in your reading we will discuss because it would not come up if it was not meant to be discussed. You may ask me questions at any point in your reading as I link with loved ones, spiritual guides and angels to guide you.

When you want to know what's really going on....

All readings and consultations with a skilled clairvoyant can be an invaluable resource for insight, clarity, healing, getting to the source of problematic areas and expediting creative solutions. Psychic readings can help gain mental clarity and perspective especially in difficult and emotional times.

The value of my service is the ability to 'see' into your life and provide clear and useful information and insight to the concerns and questions you present. My gift also enables me to 'see' into your past, present and the unfolding future simultaneously. This makes it possible to predict the most likely consequences of what is presently in motion in your life and provide you with new strategies, options, and guidance, anchored in an expedient, spiritually correct and positive direction. By spiritually correct I mean guidance that is anchored in integrity and considers the highest good for all concerned. Every situation and relationship you encounter has more than one possible outcome, how YOU choose to interact and respond will influence the outcome.

I am considered a full range intuitive as my abilities embrace the complete range of psychic/intuitive receptivity which includes clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and clairaliance. These natural talents, coupled with a highly developed capacity to focus my attention, enables me to explore, in depth, just about any life situation or topic that you present.

Clients typically consult me to assist with the following:

  • Insight into relationships
  • Guidance in business/career
  • Decisions being contemplated
  • Future possibilities
  • Insight into themselves
  • Concerns with family/children
  • Health concerns and directives
  • Creative potentials and gifts
  • Spiritual directives
  • Past lives

Biographical Information

I have a strong awareness that part of my journey and life process here in this lifetime is to help others and I have dedicated my gifts to this cause. My accurate and confidential guidance provides local, national and international clientele with profound information, insight and clarity.

As a young child I was highly intuitive, sometimes not quite understanding my acute perceptive nature and the psychic gifts I had been given. I would tell friends and family what would happen next when they were telling me about a scenario, without realising it. However, as I grew older a friend told me that I was predicting the future and that is when I decided to take my gift to new levels.

Through my own journey of self discovery, having been through many life challenges and having evolved through diversity with an open heart, it is my heartfelt desire to assist others in finding their path and their joy in easier and more heart centred ways. My strong belief is that life isn’t meant to be hard, life is meant to be joyful no matter what life presents to us! To this day I have assisted many people in transforming their lives and empowering them to be who they truly are.